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At PC Advisors we don't manufacture or redistribute a product, we do not endorse or represent anyone other than ourselves. Unlike the geeks and nerds, technology service on a personal level is the ONLY commodity we base our business and reputation on. Because of this we must be the best at what we do. Here you will find a listing and brief description of the most common services we offer. This is, by no means a comprehensive list since we are, after all a technology company. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customer’s technology requirements. If you do not see a service listed or described here, simply consult with us and we will make it a reality for you. From computer gaming to business productivity, single-person workstations to office network environments, communications, entertainment and cyber security. PC Advisors does IT all!

Wired and Wireless Network Installations

Since its introduction to the general public over a decade ago, the internet has grown to become an invaluable and inconceivable part of everyday life for nearly all of us. With the ever increasing need to become “connected,” and more and more homes and businesses in need of multiple computer systems, many computer users are realizing the benefits of a home or office network. PC Advisors can help turn that realization into reality. We will come to your home or business, fully evaluate your current technology and recommend to you a comprehensive strategy for effectively and economically creating a useful network environment. Upon your approval, PC Advisors can implement the recommend strategy with little or no loss of your valuable time. From installing a network card to developing and implementing a comprehensive network environment. We have the knowledge and expertise to see to it that all your computers are fully functional, your printers and other external peripherals are accessible to all, and each system has complete internet access to your satisfaction and level of accessibility. Don’t waste yours or your employee’s time on high-tech, difficult to understand installation and user manuals. Call the network experts at PC Advisors! We’ve installed and configured literally hundreds of the most basic to the most sophisticated wired and wireless networks. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges! 

Cable and DSL Modem Installations

Although the major internet service providers have made the process of getting connected to the internet fairly easy and straight-forward, there are often snags or complications that can arise and confound the most intellectual among us when it comes to implementing internet connectivity. With a growing number of wires, devices, and security measures to complicate the issue, often the seemingly simple task of making an internet connection can seem overwhelming and downright frustrating. Why waste your time reading installation and user manuals, waiting on the phone for unintelligible computer service technicians, or dealing with the complexities of hardware and software relationships? The experts at PC Advisors have installed and troubleshot hundreds of internet service connections. Whether Cable modem or DSL, PC Advisors can quickly and effectively get the internet and email up and running for you or your office. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Computer Tune-ups and Troubleshooting

As with any car or other mechanical device, our computes will occasionally fail or begin to perform at less than optimal. When this happens it requires a trained and highly skilled technician to accurately evaluate, diagnose and remediate the situation so as to reduce the amount of down-time caused by the failure. The experts at PC Advisors, skilled and knowledgeable in the operations and conditions of the common computer, can diagnose and implement computer repairs quickly and effectively. Because we are a locally based, community business, we have the ability to respond faster and more accurately than most of the large chain stores or franchise computer repair companies. Whether your PC is running sluggishly, is experiencing a specific and particular problem or is completely dead, PC Advisors will send a technician to your home or business and quickly resolve the issue; often in far less time than our “big-box” competitors. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges! 

Virus and Spyware Removal

Due largely, in part to media coverage, nearly everyone has at least heard of the concept of a computer “virus.” Just like its human counterpart, the computer virus is a software “infection” designed to infiltrate the operating system and/or programs of a PC and spread itself to other systems by various methods. However, there is yet another, less well-known, in some ways more insidious and more prevalent type of malevolent software known as “Spyware,” that currently affects, to one degree or another nearly all PCs connected to the internet. Spyware is software applications that are designed to track a persons activity on the internet for the purposes of sales or marketing. It is literally designed to “Spy” on those who visit or use web sites that deal in internet commerce. Left unabated, these programs will eventually begin to consume system resources like memory and computer processor time. As a result, many computer users experience inexplicable system sluggishness and compromised performance. Overall, virus and Spyware programs are written for a whole host of reasons. However, in order to keep your system performing at its peak, the most important thing to know about these “malware” applications is how to prevent and eliminate them. The experts at PC Advisors are fully trained and knowledgeable in the methods of preventing and removing all aspects of malicious applications like ad-ware, pop-ups, spyware, and viruses. We will come to your home or office and skillfully evaluate and eliminate any and all computer applications that are compromising the capabilities of your computers. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Remote Desktop and Network Support

It seems there is nearly no task that cannot be made better and more efficient through the use of the internet. From shopping to banking to long-distance and local communications the internet has enhanced all of our daily lives in one or more ways. Why then should it not be so for computer support? The truth is that many support issues that have been traditionally handled on-site can more efficiently and more cost effectivly be dealt with remotely, using a high-speed internet connection. Our highly skilled and trained support personnel will contact you by phone or email to arrange a convenient time to provide service. Then, only upon your explicit approval, we will connect to your system via the internet from our offices. As long as you have a consistent high-speed internet connection to your troubled PC we can resolve your computer problems. Anything from resolving slow and corrupted operating system problems to software updates and installations can be easily accomplished while you watch us remotely control your system and communicate with our technical support staff through built-in Instant Messaging Services or over the phone. Like many of our current customers, you'll be surprised at how simple and cost effective remote support can be. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Web Site Design, Development, and Maintenance

One reason for the overwhelming success and popularity of the internet is that seemingly EVERYONE has a web site. And for good reason, nearly everything one can do is made simpler by the use of the internet. From shopping to research to having fun, the internet can be used for so many different things; some of us can hardly imagine how we ever got along without it. If you or your company wishes to establish an internet presence call on the experts at PC Advisors. From the unsophisticated to the sublime, the ordinary to the extraordinary, the basic to the multifaceted, PC Advisors can assist you in developing a web presence that meets your needs. From hosting to design, development, and maintenance PC Advisors can provide all the necessary components of an attractive and effective web site at a cost that is far more reasonable than many of the competitors. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Network Security Audits

Along with the increase of computer networks in the home, office and business environments also comes the rise in opportunities for digital mischief and computer crime by less than honest individuals. Computer networks, particularly those that are wireless in nature; too often allow easy access to network resources by unauthorized individuals. Whether it is neighbors tapping into an unprotected wireless access point or cybercriminals trying to infiltrate company files, network security has become an all too prominent issue in today’s fast-paced internet access world. If you or someone you know set up your home or business network you may have unwittingly left it far too insecure. There are documented instances in which owners have been locked out of their own networks or PCs simply by neglecting router security. PC Advisors will come to your home or office and quickly and effectively analyze the security of your wired or wireless network. Upon completion, a detailed written report will be submitted to you that fully describe a comprehensive strategy for securing your network and its resources. Don’t leave your network, your computers, and, most importantly your precious data at risk! Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Client-Server Network Design and Implementation

Most everyone will agree that business growth is good. In many instances, however, it is not uncommon for the technology of the business to fall well behind the growth of the business. Understandably, business owners and corporate executives do not know where turn when it comes to accurate evaluation and improvement of business technology. When it comes time to move your business technology from the realm of simple connected computers to a more sophisticated Client-Server network, the last thing you want is a self-proclaimed geek, computer nerd or teenaged part-time practitioner as your advisor. You want an experienced, trusted professional with the knowledge and background to configure a robust system that meets the needs of your company. The technical staff of PC Advisors is expertly competent in all phases of network design, development and implementation. More importantly, we will work with you to assure that the network we configure meets your current and future growth needs without disrupting your business or overwhelming your budget. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Routing, Switching and Firewalls

Routers, switches and hubs, Oh my! Computer network design and implementation can get very complex with little warning. It takes an expert in network technology to know the proper application of network equipment. Where, when and how these various types of network hardware are employed is the expertise of PC Advisors. Whether you are building a small, fledgling network from scratch, revising and updated a network of aging and outdated components, or simply expanding an ever-growing network infrastructure, PC Advisors can help design and implement an environment that fits your needs now and into the future. PC Advisors will also help you to ensure that the network you build is properly secured using the latest firewall and network security technologies. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Hardware and Software Installation and Upgrades

When it comes to personal computes many people who use them love the prospect of getting a new computer but dread the idea of setting it up. For some, the mere thought of ordering a new computer can be traumatizing. If this describes you contact the experts at PC Advisors immediately! We simply love all things computer related and are more than happy to relieve you of the burden that comes with buying a new computer. PC Advisors will take care of it all! Once we’ve consulted with you about your computer needs we will perform every task from ordering the system to installation. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will act as your advisor, giving you expert advice on computers and computer purchasing, installation, and maintenance. If you are currently using an aging computer and are considering an upgrade in memory, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, etc. we can help you evaluate the system to determine if an upgrade makes sense for you. From the purchase of a new system for a first time PC user to the upgrade or restoration of an aging computer with newer hardware and software PC Advisors does it all! Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Application Training

Did you just get a new computer or update your old computer and can’t seem to understand the latest software version? From the latest operating systems like Microsoft Vista, Redhat or Ubuntu Linux, or Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard to software applications like Microsoft Office 7.0, Intuit Quickbooks, and Nero Burning ROM PC Advisors can assist you in the installation, configuration and use of many of today’s more common software applications. We will instruct one person or a group of people at home or in an office conference room. Our instruction extends from beginner to advanced user on many of the most common software applications. Contact us to discuss in detail your computer instruction requirements. Through training and guidance the experts at PC Advisors will strive to assist you in getting the most out of your software investment. Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Maintenance Contracts

Anyone who depends on their motor vehicle is keenly aware of the impact that regular maintenance has on it. For many of us, our computers have reached or exceeded the level of importance, as much so as our cars in our daily lives. Bearing this in mind, does it not make sense to provide a level of support for your computers and network environment that meets or exceeds that of your car? PC Advisors wants computer users to know that the performance of a computer does not have to diminish over time! We at PC Advisors are please to be able to offer our customers a yearly service contract that provides the utmost level of computer security and performance. For a low monthly fee you can enjoy the benefit of continuous computer and network functionality. Viruses, Spyware, dust, dirt and hard disk “clutter” will, over time cause a new PC to slow to a crawl! The loss of speed and performance in your computer is not imagined but it does not have to be tolerated! Just as your car and other home devices such as your furnace benefit immensely from periodic scheduled maintenance, so will your computer and network equipment perform better if attended to on a regular basis. A service contract with PC Advisors means your computer productivity goes up and stays up! Computer down-time and loss of use becomes a virtual thing of the past! Call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!

Data Backup, Transfer, and Recovery

None of us wants to endure the hardship of lost or corrupted computer data. However, the fact of the matter remains that ALL hard disk drives will eventually FAIL. The hard drive of your computer is like an office file system where all the documents, programs, and digital photos and music are stored. There are few things more heartbreaking for us at PC Advisors than having to tell a customer that precious, irreplaceable family photos or a vast music collection are gone, the long, hard work put into a school paper is lost and irretrievable, or that a customer’s business data has been irrevocably destroyed due to a hard drive crash. Loss due to hard disk failure is, more often than not completely avoidable. By simply taking the time to identify and backup the files on a PC that you cannot afford to lose, you will insure the eternal protection of those files. However, PC Advisors is aware that the overwhelming number of backup methods and applications often causes nothing but confusion and frustration among even many of the more sophisticated of computer users. Don’t allow the difficulties and confusing aspects of data backup to discourage and prevent you from securing and protecting your valuable home or business data! If you have recently purchased a new computer and need a way to migrate data from the old system over to the new system, PC Advisors can assist in this as well. Whether you want to secure your data by backing it up, migrate your data from an old system to a new system or, you have had the misfortune of a hard drive failure, contact PC Advisors for expert assistance by highly trained and certified technicians who will help you to ensure that your data is protected. For more information go to our Data Backup Services page or call PC Advisors at (203) 798-9647 today for any and all computer and network challenges!