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Data Backup Services

Data backup is likely the most widely neglected and misunderstood area of common technology. Now that most computer users seem to understand the importance of computer security and defense products like AVG Internet Security are commonly employed, it is time to turn our attention to backing up critical data for both home and office technology users.

We at PC Advisors all too often come upon users who have had the unfortunate experience of data loss. Whether it is a home user losing precious family photos or a business user experiencing the loss of irreplaceable business data, the task of data recovery can be an expensive lesson to learn; and in the worst case scenarios data is irretrievable.

The simple fact of the matter is: whether you use a PC or Mac, an internal or external hard disk or a simple USB memory stick ALL data storage devices WILL FAIL eventually. That is why any data backup plan needs to address three simple questions – where, when and what. Where will you choose to back up your data, how often will it be backed up, and what data is so important that you simply cannot afford to lose it. Also, a good rule of thumb to follow in order to insure an ironclad backup policy is the 3,2,1 rule: 

  • 3 = Have at least 3 copies of all important data.
  • 2 = Have at least 2 types of media, your local hard drives being one, and
  • 1 = Use an off-site back up provider for all of your important data. We recommend Nordic Backup.




Nordic Backup is a global leader in secure online backup over the internet with customers worldwide. Our customers include small, medium and large size businesses with terabytes of storage to individuals with 1 GB of storage. For six years Nordic Backup has been dedicated to providing the best protection for all your critical files and now we’re looking forward to offering you the best-in-class online backup systems and services.

Nordic Backups state-of-the-art file backup system spares you the work of changing and storing backup tapes, burning DVDs or copying your files to external hard drives. Nordic Backup is fully automatic, so you no longer need to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements.

You only have two requirements: an internet connection and our Nordic Backup software.

Nordic Backup encrypts your files on your own computer, so they cannot be read by others, either when they’re sent to Nordic Backup or when they’re stored at Nordic Backup. After each backup you'll receive an e-mail with the status of what the backup has run and what changes were registered.

Nordic Backup supports all major operating systems, Microsoft Exchange, databases and Bare Metal Restore. We have highly secured mirrored datacenters and provide free 24/7 technical support. Nordic Backup requires no startup costs, no pre-payment and no contract. You get the market’s best price for the online storage you need, and you can freely increase and decrease your storage space as you need it. Don't delay another day risking data loss! Get started by clicking on the banner above or contact PC Advisors today at (203) 798-9647 and we will assist you in setting up this valuable service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Data Backup:

I have a local (external hard drive, memory stick, DVD) backup isn't that enough?

No. Externally attached devices, whether hard disk or memory stick are just as prone to failure as the main storage device, usually a hard drive in your computer. Additionally, most users do not back up their data often enough! With Nordic Backup you do not have to worry about your latest back up - it's automatic!


I work in a highly regulated and sensitive industry. Is Nordic Backup compliant with standards?

Yes. Nordic Backup complies with the most common regulatory standards such as HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley. For a comlete list of compliance mandates and more information view Nordic Backup's Compliance data sheet.


I'm not entirely comfortable with Cloud back up. What options are available for local back up beyond DVDs or memory sticks?

Aside from on-line or Cloud storage options there are a host of other devices that can be used effectively and with little effort on the part of the computer user. PC Advisors often recommends Network Attached Storage or NAS devices that can be used to automatically back up one computer or several computers attached to your local network. Since nearly all home and office users today have a router-based network, a NAS device is easily added and configured and can be customized to suit the needs of the client. Additionally, Nordic Backup software works with local back up devices to duplicate your on-line backup with an on-site backup as well.