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Few things, with the possible exception of children, seem to grow and change as fast as technology! When PC Advisors was founded, over five years ago, a standard, middle-of-the-line computer had 512MB of memory, a 120GB hard disk drive, a 2.0 GHz Pentium™ IV processor, and, if one could afford it a 21” CRT monitor. This “extravagance” would set back the purchaser nearly $1500.00 at Dell, Gateway or a similar computer retailer. These days, a comparable system would be replete with a dual- or quad-core Pentium™ processor running at 2.5 or 3 GHz, 2 to 4 GB of memory, a 320 GB hard disk drive and could be had for around $600.00. Oh, and CRT monitors, they have been completely replaced with generously sized LCD screens, easily purchased for $300.00 or less. In the short span of five years the current PC environment has radically changed in nearly every way!

One thing that shouldn't change, however, is quality of service and customer care. Unfortunately, in today’s technology climate where big-box store geeks and franchise nerds dominate the landscape, there seems to be little room for sincere, thoughtful, and dependable computer assistance. The cookie-cutter approach used by the “geek” and “nerd” corporate organizations, while efficient and lucrative for them, often results in a less than satisfying experience for the PC user in need of assistance or repair. PC Advisors was founded on the premise that computer users not only want and deserve to have a working computer, but also deserve to be treated with the highest degree of respect and consideration. Our top-rated service is based on fundamental customer satisfaction principals that have been practiced by successful businesses for centuries. Namely:

  • Fast response time – PC Advisors ALWAYS responds to service inquiries within hours, not days and, where possible performs repairs the same or the next day.
  • Honest evaluation and assessment – PC Advisors is not afraid to advise our clients that it is not in their best interests to update, fix or service an outdated computer. When necessary, work that needs to be done will be done accurately and to your satisfaction. 
  • Clear, concise, and understandable explanation of services rendered – our clients will always be well informed and confident in both the solution and its costs BEFORE the work begins. 
  • Useful information when sought after – We view our role, as our name implies in the capacity of service AND information. We firmly believe that every client of ours has the right to know exactly what is being done to their computer. To the extent that you want to, we will spend as much time as you like explaining what we have done to correct your computer issues and how you can work to avoid and correct problems in the future. 
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – As clichéd as it may sound, it can NEVER be overstated that YOUR ultimate satisfaction is OUR ultimate goal! When assisting you with your computer, network and technology issues the PC Advisors’ credo is “we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.” 
  • Fair, reasonable, and competitive rates – we take pride in our skill and expertise and are fully confident that, at the jobs completion you will consider our compensation to be just and fair. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to assist you that if we cannot resolve your computer problem you WILL NOT be CHARGED! It’s our policy and our promise! 

While our competitors may be more interested in QUANTITY of service, PC Advisors definitely puts the emphasis on QUALITY of service. Because getting the job done is not nearly as important as getting the job done RIGHT; to your satisfaction! Regardless of how technology may change, this simple principal will remain the driving force in how we at PC Advisors do business today and in the years to come.


John Licari, Jr.
PC Advisors, llc